In the workplace, there exists Winners … and Shammers.  [Definition: Shammer – a person who shirks their work or duty. slacker, skulker.]

Winners vs. Shammers

When you’re at work, do you prefer to:

  • …do what you did yesterday, everyday?
  • …avoid ruffling anyone’s feathers?
  • …shift accountability away from your areas of responsibility?

Winners answer ‘No’ across the board. Shammers waffle – suggesting the answers ‘depend on the situation.’ BULL….er…..DROPPINGS!

Shammers just lack the eye of the tiger required to GSD (Get @#$% Done).


The Importance of Listening

Dig this fact of work-life:

The drivers are summarized in this white paper: How to Avoid the Supplier Relationship Gap.

You see, 3 years ago, I committed to making B2B feedback easier. The outcome is getSayDo, the world’s easiest supplier feedback software. Our service reduces assumptions and thus, increases alignment in the workplace. Not only are we delivering this value, but inadvertently exposing Winners vs. Shammers.

Exposing Winners vs. Shammers

getSayDo replaces manual feedback processes that rely on Excel and do-it-yourself surveys. These processes are a pain to manage, and thus don’t happen with any degree of consistency.

But here’s the interesting A-ha. When getSayDo is deployed, Winners love it! Whether working for the supplier or B2B customer, Winners use getSayDo as a proactive guide on how to adjust their behaviors for maximum supplier value – year-round.


However, the consistency enabled by getSayDo is kryptonite to Shammers.

You see, listening fosters transparency. And when transparency occurs on a consistent basis, Shammers can’t continue doing what they did yesterday, everyday. They can no longer deflect accountability when feedback is accessible to all parties involved. And so, what’s a Shammer to do but exercise their self preservation muscles.

Alert! Alert! …


A Friendly Alert

Self preservation works in a workplace without Winners. To date, we’ve been blessed to work with winners. But every once in a while, a Shammer is exposed. They kick, scream, and cry bloody murder on the insights that beckon them to THINK and ACTIVATE new ways to continue growing the supplier-customer relationship. So, I’ll close with a friendly alert of my own.

To all you Shammers, I want to constructively let you know that…

  • Transparency has arrived.
  • It will not be muffled.
  • You cannot discredit it.
  • You will not defeat it.

…and as champions of supplier-B2B customer alignment, we can not, will not, and won’t stop making it easier to identify and maintain suppliers/customers of choice.

Winners unite! Shammers take flight.