When it comes to customer insights, one of the biggest pots ‘o gold resides with BPOs – otherwise known as Business Process Outsourcing. Mature BPOs use technology to manage processes, as well as answer and solve direct customer calls. But what’s really amazing is that these cats [BPOs] employ armies of customer service representatives.

Why is this amazing? Well, because most customers want to talk to a company representative when they find themselves in need of support. When BPO representatives engage customers, they do so in direct, one-on-one discussions with customers. Thus, the opportunity to fill pots ‘o customer insight gold!

Consider this fact, more than 58% of today’s businesses plan to increase their scope of outsourced services. However, in many cases, when businesses outsource, they’re unable to monitor the likelihood to recommend roadmap.

The Importance of The Roadmap
Businesses with the highest likelihood to recommend scores consistently own the lion’s share of industry growth. But simply knowing whether or not a customer will recommend a business is a bit light on actionable insight. I mean, let’s keep it real. Rah rah, feel good data doesn’t tell any associate what to do to make customers recommend a business, more often, to more people. To attain that level of go get ’em guidance, associates need actionable customer insight. As do the businesses outsourcing. Both sides need visibility into the likelihood to recommend roadmap.

And this is why the pot of customer insight gold is so elusive. The trend to outsource customer service to BPOs has in many ways reduced visibility. Unless, the hired BPO can document their roadmap observations. For BPOs that can objectively document their roadmap observations, there exists discernible strengths regarding knowledge of what customers are trying to solve for, and equally important, the degree to which said business is enabling the customer to attain their expectations.

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