FACT: Feedback Providers hate supplier surveys.

Why? Well, Feedback Providers are frustrated by:

  • Poor mobile device user-interfaces
  • Too many emails requesting feedback
  • Too many different survey formats
  • Too many survey questions
  • Too much time to complete the survey requests

The average supplier feedback survey takes more than 20 minutes to complete. Would you believe some take more than an hour? Hilarious!

Here’s the real deal … feedback providers are working. Most lack the time and resources to meet the expectations of their employer. So, even when an employee attempts to provide feedback, they drop out without completing surveys that take more than 5 minutes. And since feedback providers expect a crappy, time-draining experience, supplier surveys are often ignored.

Here’s the proof:

The average B2B survey nets a 3.7% click rate. Said another way, you’d have to request feedback from 1,000 stakeholders just to get 37 feedback providers who attempt to start your survey.

Remember, Feedback Providers:

  • receive over 50 supplier survey requests throughout the year.
  • spend over 20 minutes responding to each request.

This translates to more than 1,000 minutes (>16 hours) filling out surveys. Let’s assume an average FTE pay if $50/hr. That’s almost a $1,000 per feedback provider!

Let’s pause for a quote from ESPN’s Tom Jackson:  C’mon Man!!

How to solve:

  1. Respect the fact that B2B response rates plummet when surveys exceed 10 questions.
  2. Don’t ask feedback providers to use a tool that is not mobile friendly.
  3. Don’t rely solely on email to reach feedback providers.

Above all, don’t try to force fit tools (Survey Monkey, Excel, PowerPoint) that are not designed specifically for feedback inside of busy, resource-strained workplaces. It’s such a waste.