Solution 1

Track Supplier Risks Across Your Entire Supply Base

Match end-users with the suppliers they rely on.

Supplier Matching

Aggregate supplier performance scores to quickly view patterns and trends.

Regional Performance Map

Read individual comments that offer issues and opportunities.

Individual Comments Example

Rank and compare suppliers across categories.

View Suppliers Across Categories
Solution 2

Increase Supplier & End-user Collaboration

Expand dashboards for deeper analysis.

View Segments Data

Make dashboards accessible to suppliers you choose.

Buyer & Supplier Comparison Views

Real-time messaging between suppliers and end-users.

Real-time Communication Example

Count and monitor the number of incidents (issues vs opportunities).

Activity Snapshot
Solution 3

Improve Supplier Performance

Bundle support tickets to quickly create action plans.

Supplier Plans Example

Track time it takes suppliers to resolve issues, improve process/product, and advance innovation requests.

Guide supplier Account Managers on how to complete action plans.

Verify end-user satisfaction with each suppliers’ action plan(s).

Aggregate supplier feedback on your company’s fit as a customer.

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