Easily document stakeholder feedback on suppliers.


Easily document stakeholder feedback on suppliers.

Supplier evaluation contains two parts.

Operations tell half the story.

Operational & Relational Metrics

Stakeholders tell the other half.

Supplier alignment is challenging without visibility.

Procurement Stakeholders

Decision MakerHappy Face
“The KPIs I see look great!”

InfluencerSatisfied Face
“The account team is responsive.”

End UserContent Face
“We have better local options.”

Support TeamAngry Face
“I’m frustrated, but have no choice.”

End UserUnsatisfied Face
“They are waay overpriced.”

Supplier Stakeholders

Account DirectorHappy Face
“My contact says she’s happy.”

Account ManagerContent Face
“We know what our customers think.”

Account SupportSatisfied Face
“All I see are issues. I’d like to be more proactive.”

Share feedback results with those who need to know.

Internal-only Supplier Feedback

Results can be kept internal and shared only with employees.

360-degree viewing
Shared Supplier Feedback

Results can also be shared externally with each supplier.

Feedback Insight

“A Fortune 100 CEO provided critical feedback on 4 suppliers in under 3 minutes – his first-time.”

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CEO provides feedback in under 3 minutes