B2B survey administrators owns a laborious set of tasks:

  • Craft messages that explain the purpose of each survey
  • Craft survey questions
  • Program (design & structure) how each question is answered
  • Schedule and/or manually email feedback providers
  • Identify and follow-up with non-responders
  • Aggregate the responses
  • Create reports
  • Disseminate and/or present the results

Now consider who actually assumes the role of administrator. On the supplier side, job titles are National Account Manager or Customer Support Specialist. Conversely, on the customer side, job titles are Procurement Manager, Strategic Sourcing Analyst, or Supplier Relationship Manager. None of these folks are formally trained to manage a B2B survey process.

But the work has to get done. So the administrator burns 25% of their work week trying to produce & manage each supplier survey. And since the survey tasks represent a sliver of the administrator’s defined responsibilities, only a fraction of the organization’s supplier-customer relationships are actually monitored.

How to solve:

  1. Deploy a software solution that automates the laborious administrative tasks.
  2. Repurpose the saved FTE hours on identifying B2B relationship insights.