Feedback Providers
How to get stakeholders to answer supplier surveys – getSayDo
December 20, 2018

FACT: Feedback Providers hate supplier surveys. Why? Well, Feedback Providers are frustrated by: Poor mobile device user-interfaces Too many emails requesting feedback…

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B2B Survey Administrator
3 steps to reclaim supplier related FTE hours – getSayDo
December 10, 2018

The supplier contract is in place. Now what? Oftentimes, not much. At least not until it’s time for an annual supplier…

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Account Growth
Podcast: When should Account Managers ask Buyers for account growth
July 27, 2017

Click play above to listen to the podcast. Podcast Description Account Managers are on the hook to grow a portfolio of…

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Stakeholder Champion vs Saboteur
Is procurement a stakeholder champion or saboteur?
January 27, 2017

Procurement is often an under-appreciated function. They are responsible for the risk and management of every supplier relationship, yet often don’t…

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Five steps to activate your Procurement Strategy
October 24, 2016

If your procurement team is struggling to get traction, look no further. Here are five steps to activate your procurement strategy for your organization.

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Supplier-Customer Relationship Gaps
Systemic Problem Analysis and Customer-Supplier Relationships
September 30, 2016

Discover how to maximize your supplier spend by taking the time to define, activate and analyze the supplier management processes. Doing so protects the relationship from strain that’s beyond saving.

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Traditional Feedback Process
Tool to Calculate Supplier Scorecard Cost Savings
September 13, 2016

Laborious supplier scorecards undermine cost savings. Use this tool to calculate how much time & money your company can save by ditching old-school tools.

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You can rebuild damaged customer-supplier partnerships
August 18, 2016

Good customer-supplier partnerships are tough to maintain. Discover how to overcome the most common barriers as a way to realize increased profits.

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Crowd Clapping
3 Ways to Keep Suppliers Calibrated to Your Stakeholders
March 14, 2016

Suppliers can either ignite or suffocate your business. Suffocation occurs when supplier performance feedback from stakeholders is not integrated into the procurement process….

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Stakeholders can quickly assess whether or not suppliers are meeting expectations. The key is to document stakeholders' likelihood to recommend a supplier, as well as the roadmap that yields their thumbs up/down.
A lack of supplier feedback can erode supply chains.
Supplier Performance Can Erode up to 4% of your Profit
February 25, 2016

Unknown performance gaps undermine productivity. While it’s important to complete work streams on time, doing so in a way that meets…

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Avoid the Gap
Businesses have a difficult time staying aware of risk due to supplier performance.
February 25, 2016

Across the Fortune 1,000, we found that most supplier performance tracking systems are designed to monitor operational metrics (SLA, financial measures,…

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