Our Vision

When suppliers and customers engage, everyone involved has an opinion on how to win. This makes it difficult to achieve alignment, and increases the likelihood that execution falls short of expectations.

Conversely, when alignment exists, goals, responsibilities, and the approach to Get S@#! Done (GSD) is consistent. Such harmony enables supplier-customer relationships to grow profitably.

So, to avoid the risks of low alignment…  

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Execute as Promised 

Executing as promised is about driving supplier performance in the direction that the b2b customer wants to go; doing so is a dance, and sometimes we step on each other’s toes. Toe crunching is okay, so long as processes exist to clarify when the supplier and customer aren’t aligned.

Now, the reality is many organizations lack the foresight to see where their supplier-customer relationships are headed. Why? Because too many organizations rely on antiquated, labor-intensive processes to document the health of their supplier relationships. There are too many spreadsheets in too many places.

Suppliers must be able to detect, in real-time, when and why their actions miss the mark. Equally important, customers must comprehend how their behaviors affect their suppliers’ accuracy.

getSayDo laughs, villainously, at comparisons to survey tools. Our destination is about choice. We enable our users to know when they are not seen as a supplier/customer of choice, as well as the insight of why. This is the path to answering tough questions such as, “What does supply chain waste look like?” and “How do we become more productive?

That’s power! The power to win through supplier-customer relationships that are aligned on how to GSD.

So ….

  • Who are your suppliers of choice?
  • When are you a customer of choice?

Join getSayDo, and win with insights on how to make sure your supplier-customer relationships execute as promised.


Lawrence McGlown - CEO, getSayDo

Lawrence McGlown
Chief Executive Officer

Michael Manross - CXO, getSayDo

Michael Manross
Chief Experience Officer