Helping buyers and suppliers

Work Better Together

Rowing in Alignment
Strengthen your Supplier-Customer relationships.

Buyers can…


supplier performance

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Suppliers can…


account health

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  • Thank you for this much needed service and for recognizing our pain points!

    Kaylla Dixon
    Construction Buyer
  • “Historically, the supplier scorecard/feedback process required individuals to do the work. Now, we leverage automation to handle these ‘mundane’ tasks, freeing up time to develop more useful insight from the analysis.”
    Quave Burton
    Global VP, Procurement
  • “We’ve only been live for 4 days and already seeing value.”

    Eric Selvidge
    Eric Selvidge
    Procurement Director
  • “Our supplier reviews are now more actionable because we can validate stakeholder concerns in a professional manner.”

    Adam Folta
    Adam Folta
    Procurement Analyst

How it Works

getSayDo Matches Employees with Suppliers

MATCH buy-side employees with the suppliers they rely on.

getSayDo Captures Supplier Feedback

CAPTURE how employees feel about their matched suppliers.

getSayDo Distributes Feedback

POPULATE insightful dashboards.

getSayDo Pinpoints Feedback Insights

PINPOINT supplier performance concerns.

getSayDo Engages Customers

DOCUMENT and communicate action plans.

Free Supplier of Choice Monitoring

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Supplier of Choice Monitoring

Real Transparency. Real Results.

Buy-side & Supplier-side shares the same dashboard.

  • Keeps everyone on the same page.
  • Makes it easier to agree on and advance meaningful work.
  • Discourages non-compliant (rogue) purchasing.

Buy-side Benefits


  • email & v-mail overload about supplier performance.
  • time draining supplier survey management.

More confident…

  • knowledge of suppliers of choice.
  • supplier managers are aligned with employee expectations.
  • preparation and management of supplier reviews.

Supplier-side Benefits


  • random customer “sky is falling” escalations.
  • last-minute preparation for account review meetings.

More confident…

  • validation of customer concerns in a professional manner.
  • customer feedback represents the entire account.
  • knowledge of account growth vs. account risk.